2020 Special Resources

Important Disclaimer Regarding Immune-Supporting Dietary, Lifestyle, and Supplemental Recommendations

Due to the novelty of COVID-19, very little peer-reviewed research has yet been published regarding the effectiveness of dietary or lifestyle interventions for its prevention or treatment. Much of what we know is extrapolated from research on other viral infections affecting the respiratory tract.  None of the immune-supporting recommendations we offer at this time are intended to offer a specific cure or specific prevention of COVID-19, nor should they supersede recommendations from the CDC or other local, state, or federal public health authorities.  If you have signs of illness (sustained fever over 100 degrees F, sore throat, and/or dry cough), contact your primary care provider. Social distancing and hand-washing remain the most important modes of prevention.  

CLICK HERE for Information on Reopening to In-office Care June 1 (with COVID-19 protocols).