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Finally… getting to the root causes of your health problems

Integrity Natural Health's mission is to help you resolve pain and restore and maintain your energy and optimal function.

Many of Dr. Virginia Shapiro's patients experience rapid resolution of their pain, fatigue, and a host of other symptoms and conditions. In addition to immediate relief, Dr. Virginia Shapiro focuses on long-term solutions by addressing the root causes of your current health challenges.


Dr. Shapiro works in partnership with you, providing information and treatment options, and encouraging self-awareness to help you restore and maintain your and your children’s health. 

  • We find and address root causes

  • We listen to and consider your whole health history

  • We do a thorough and detailed hands-on physical exam

  • We make judicious use of conventional and functional medicine lab tests

  • We provide detailed and specific guidance about dietary and lifestyle modification and nutritional and botanical supplementation

  • We answer your questions

  • We provide gentle, non-forceful, specific chiropractic and soft-tissue treatment

  • Together with you we help you restore strength, vitality, and joy

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