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At Integrity Natural Health, we help people of all ages, from infants to seniors.

We successfully treat conditions such as:
  • back, neck, arm, and leg pain

  • fibromyalgia and other muscle pain

  • nerve pain

  • weakness and fatigue

  • headaches

  • mood disorders, including depression and anxiety

  • digestive problems

Functional Medicien, Corvallis, OR
We also successfully treat people with:
  • adrenal gland imbalance

  • auto-immune conditions

  • allergies and hay fever

  • asthma and bronchitis

  • blood sugar conditions

  • cardiovascular problems

  • chronic and acute infections

  • ear infections

  • eczema, acne, other skin conditions

  • hypertension

  • injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents and other traumas

  • learning and behavioral disorders

  • neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis, neuritis, and neuropathies  

  • sex hormone imbalance (for women and men)

  • sleep disorders

  • stress-related imbalance

  • sports injuries

  • thyroid imbalance

We provide supportive care for:
  • pregnancy and lactation

  • people undergoing conventional medical care for cancer 

  • menopause and andropause

  • weight loss



Give us a call at (541) 738-2700 today to schedule an appointment.

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