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Chronic Pain

Everything hurts! I need help.

When everything hurts, this strongly suggests systemic imbalance throughout your body, and it may stem from a variety of causes. The most likely cause of pain is poor regulation of inflammation, which may be caused by food intolerance; gut bacteria imbalance; thyroid or adrenal insufficiency; insufficient magnesium, essential fatty acids, vitamin D, and folate; toxic burden; and many more sources!  Something surprising about system-wide pain is that it also may be caused by old trauma to the spine from motor vehicle or sports injuries. We treat this with Frequency Specific Microcurrent, which is highly effective in resolving inflammation and pain.


“I had been unsuccessfully struggling with chronic pain and fibromyalgia for almost 15 years. Through her guidance I've learned to control the pain with diet, supplements, and chiropractic care instead of prescription medication. Virginia and Dan have huge hearts and a loving commitment to their patients,and this goes a long way to help with the healing process. I can highly recommend their office.”
— K. S., Corvallis

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