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What's up with my gut?

Gas?  Indigestion?  Pain?  Loose bowels?  Constipation? 

In the post-industrial age, our guts are in trouble! Why is digestive dysfunction so common in our population? One of the leading causes is the use of antibiotics (past or present) either directly or by consuming antibiotic-laden foods, resulting in reduced diversity of our gut bacteria.  It’s important to also address food intolerance or autoimmunity triggered by gluten (celiac disease); digestive insufficiency (low stomach acid, bile flow from the gall bladder, or digestive enzyme production); and inflammation in the gut. And, the downstream effects of all this digestive imbalance extend far beyond the gut to potentially cause fatigue, autoimmunity, eczema, asthma, and mood disorders.


“I had been chronically ill for 15 years and also suffered chronic hives for four years, chronic fatigue, severe skin conditions, MCS, liver failure, depression…the list goes on. Dr. Shapiro was very thorough and informative in her diagnoses and treatment suggestions. Two days after seeing her my physical pain started to subside. The next day my hives also went away. One week later the pain and many other symptoms completely subsided! My GI tract functioned normally for the first time in years! My skin has cleared up. Best of all I have energy once again and am present! Thank you for giving my life back! I thank you and my family thanks you!”
— Faith R., Seattle


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