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Nutritional Supplements – Availability and Safety during COVID-19

We continue to provide high-quality nutritional and botanical supplements during this time; and we have an upgraded process in place for ensuring your safety.  Dan has a multi-day quarantine process for all packages coming into our office from our suppliers.  When he opens boxes and shelves supplements, he wears a mask and gloves, as he does when he packs your supplements. 

For Outside Pickup at Our Office: Dan will set your package of supplements on a table outside our office door, at a designated time, so that you don’t run into other patients picking up at the same time. Please call or email Dan ahead to order. He will let you know when your order is available and will take payments over the phone. He is placing supplements for pick-up on a covered table surface that he is regularly cleaning with dilute bleach.

Mail Order:  If you want your supplements mailed to you, we are happy to accommodate you, no matter where you live, via trackable US Postal Service priority mail.


To Schedule, call or email our office: 541-738-2711 or

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