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Why are allergies and food sensitivities so common?

It certainly isn’t the natural state of human beings, and the research is pointing to two areas of cause: increasing toxic exposure (pesticides, herbicides, plastics, metals, and unfortunately so many other materials), and loss of diversity of the microbiome from antibiotics in medicine and food, as well as herbicides. What’s important to know is that while some allergies and sensitivities seem to be lasting, the severity of reactions can almost always be reduced. How do we do this in a lasting way?  Through detoxification and improving the diversity of the microbiome, the flora in our gut and elsewhere in our body and on our body surface.


“I had been chronically ill for 15 years and also suffered chronic hives for four years, chronic fatigue, severe skin conditions, MCS, liver failure, depression…the list goes on. Dr. Shapiro was very thorough and informative in her diagnoses and treatment suggestions. Two days after seeing her my physical pain started to subside. The next day my hives also went away. One week later the pain and many other symptoms completely subsided! My GI tract functioned normally for the first time in years! My skin has cleared up. Best of all I have energy once again and am present! Thank you for giving my life back! I thank you and my family thanks you!”
— Faith R., Seattle


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