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Now Providing Telehealth Consultations

For Current Patients: Dr. Shapiro will review your progress and concerns by phone, access outside labs, order and review labs if necessary, and make detailed updated recommendations for self-care. She may have you use your cell phone to send photos of any areas of concern, if necessary.  Until the COVID-19 pandemic passes, if labs are necessary, we are only using salivary, urine, or stool testing, so that you don’t have to go into a medical facility to have your blood drawn. Our hourly billing rate is the same for phone consultation as it is for in-person consultation.


For New Patients: Dr. Shapiro will review your health history and specific concerns (via our intake forms and a phone consultation with you).  Just as she always does with in-person care, she will review your health care records, order and review labs, and make recommendations for care and self-care. She will also guide you through a nutritional physical exam, that you can do on yourself, with the aid of a flashlight, a mirror, and your cellphone!  During the Coronavirus pandemic, we have switched our labs primary to saliva, urine, and stool testing that you can do at home, without going into a medical facility to have your blood drawn.


To Schedule, call or email our office: 541-738-2711 or

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